Are Samsung Monitors Good for Editing? [Detailed-Guide]

Among the top brands of computer equipment, Samsung is a market leader in the monitor field. Even the most selective customers will be pleased with the number of choices available. You can choose from a wide selection of Samsung monitors that feature innovative designs, high-quality construction, and great specs to enhance your viewing experience.

With a wide range of Samsung monitors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find one that suits your needs perfectly. So, there is no doubt Samsung monitors are good for editing.

I have been using Samsung’s monitors for many years, and I can tell you that Samsung does not compromise on quality, whether it be Samsung’s TV or Samsung’s laptop, mobile, or any other device of Samsung.

However, I can sit here on the keyboard and write Samsung praises for you all night long, but for editing, you have to take care of many things whether you are using a Samsung monitor or any other company’s monitor.

Following are the factors to consider while looking for a Samsung monitors for editing:

Samsung Monitor Size for Editing

First, you have to see which Samsung monitor size is good for you. Some people are happy even with the small size, and it is not a problem to see them on screen, but some people are happy on the big screen, and their efficiency deteriorates on the small screen.

I used to look at portability, but now I like to work on the big screen because it has so many benefits. If you are buying a laptop, OK, you have to take care of portability, but when buying a monitor, portability is not necessary. This is because you do not have to move the monitor from one room to another every day. So I think you should get a big screen monitor.

The other significant advantage is that when editing, whether it is video editing or photo editing, you have to open more than one window, which can cause you problems on the small screen.

Samsung monitor panel type for editing

The other big thing you will see when buying a Samsung monitor for editing is the panel type of the monitor. So my advice is whether you are doing video editing or photo editing, buy a monitor with an LCD panel. This is because the colors that the LCD panel can give you cannot give any other type of the panel in photo editing or video editing, and it is a fact whether you like the dark black color of an AMOLED panel, but for editing, you have to consider LCD monitors.

Samsung monitor display frame rate for editing

The last thing I think is important to mention here is the refresh rate of the monitor screen. For example, if you are doing video editing and your video has a higher frame rate, and the monitor display has a low frame rate, you will have trouble seeing the final result.  

But if you are doing photo editing, I don’t think you have any problem, and a 60Hz frame rate is enough.

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