How to Edit Photos On Mac Without Photoshop? [Guide]

Macs are equipped with an exceptionally comprehensive set of tools for creating visual content for marketing campaigns, presenting, and editing photos. You don’t need to install any additional software to edit photographs if you use the built-in Mac Photos and Preview apps.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that if you are a professional, the built-in tools in macOS for editing photos are not enough to produce top-notch photos from all angles.

Let’s learn how to edit photos on Mac without Photoshop.

How to Edit Photos On Mac Without Photoshop?

You will also find photo editing tools in Apple Photos. In order to use these tools, follow these steps:

To view the photos, click on the Photos App.

The easiest way to edit an image is to double-click it and click the Edit button on the toolbar. Alternatively, if you want to edit an image during the selection, you can hit Return after selecting a thumbnail.

On the left-hand side of the toolbar, you have the option to Revert to Original. This will allow you to undo your edits and restore a copy of your original image.

You can edit an image in iCloud Photos, and the changes you make will be visible in every location where the image was originally stored.

Alternatively, if you want to experiment with the photo without changing the original, then you can make a copy of the image and edit it on the duplicate image. Duplicating a single photo is as easy as going to Photos, then Control-clicking the image, and then choosing Duplicate 1. If you prefer, you can also use the CMD + D keyboard shortcut.

Trimming and Cropping

Photo trimming is an effective way of removing unwanted objects from a picture, such as unwanted objects in the background or simply finding the best composition for the shot. Photos also allow you to crop and straighten images, which is also very useful for displaying images in a certain way.

The Freeform tool allows you to adjust the frame by clicking and dragging anywhere on the selection rectangle. If you want to measure a specific aspect, click Aspect, then select a preset ratio, or click Custom and choose the ratio you want.

If you click on the Flip button, you will be able to flip the image horizontally. If you want to flip the image vertically, you can use the Option key. If you need to straighten a picture, you can use the tilt wheel on the right side of the image if the photo was taken at an awkward angle. Alternatively, you can undo any cropping or straightening you have made by restoring the original image.


You can enhance the visual appeal of your photos by using filters. If you click on the Filters icon, you will be able to see the various filters. There are 9 different types of filters that you may choose from, and you may also adjust the level of intensity by clicking the slider or dragging it.

Auto Enhance

Whatever level of expertise you have in editing; it does not matter. If the colors in your photo need to be improved, you can do so by clicking on Auto Enhance, the magic wand in the toolbar. You can revert the changes back to their original state by clicking on the Revert to Original icon again.


As you may know, there are specific devices that have a preference for a particular orientation. It is very common for mobile phone photos to be viewed in a portrait mode, as opposed to desktop photos which are often viewed in a landscape mode. For this reason, the rotating images tool is very useful.

The image can be rotated clockwise by clicking the Option-click, and it can be rotated counterclockwise by clicking Rotate. It may take a few clicks in order to position the image as you wish.

Other Important Tools

In addition to its essential tools, the Photos app offers access to over a dozen sophisticated tools to allow you to make more advanced adjustments to your images without having to search for third-party applications.

It includes a variety of tools, including Light adjustments, retouching to remove any blemishes, White Balance to remove color casts, and Levels and Curves to adjust the image. With these tools, you usually have additional options that you can use to fine-tune the photos to your liking even further.


No matter how experienced you are, Mac’s integrated photo editing tools can cater to the needs of every level of user. You no longer need to purchase third-party tools like Photoshop in order to edit photos with Photos, which has features comparable to paid editing tools.

However, keep in mind that if you are a professional, you may have to look at some third-party tools. The reason is apparent; you will get some extra features because tools like Photoshop are specially made for photo editing, not generic like Mac’s Photo editing tool.

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